The Altus Chamber of Commerce was first established as the Altus Civic and Commercial Club in 1908, and in 1941 it was officially incorporated as the Altus Chamber of Commerce on April 14, 1941. 

The IRS recognizes it with a 501(c)6 nonprofit tax designation, which specifically encompasses business leagues and chambers of commerce. All funds received from members are expected to carry forward a broad program of work. These funds are used to employ professionally trained staff to handle specialized community opportunities, maintain adequate quarters, and provide information selling the advantages of being in Altus.

The Altus Chamber of Commerce seeks to encourage the growth of existing industries and businesses and support new companies and organizations seeking to locate in the Altus area. To support activities believed to be beneficial in the Altus area and promote area residents' welfare, follow policies intended to accomplish the greatest good. 

What Does the Altus Chamber of Commerce Do?

The Altus Chamber of Commerce serves as the unified voice of local businesses, fostering a thriving and engaged community. Our main objective is to support business growth and development within Altus. We accomplish this through a variety of means, including:

  • Advocacy: Actively representing the business community at local, state, and national levels, ensuring that the interests of our members are front and center in public policy discussions.
  • Networking Events: Offering opportunities for business owners and community leaders to connect and collaborate.
  • Educational Programs: Providing resources and training sessions to help businesses succeed.
  • Marketing Support: Promoting local businesses through various channels to increase visibility and customer engagement.
  • Community Involvement: Partnering with local organizations and government to work on projects that benefit the entire community.
  • Tourism Promotion: Working to make Altus a must-see destination, thereby boosting local commerce.

Join us to be part of a community that supports each other in growth and prosperity.