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Altus is located in Jackson County in southwestern Oklahoma. Conveniently located on the national highway system, Altus is accessed by three vital interstate highways, I-40, I-35, and I-44, allowing distribution to approximately 50% of the total U.S. population by same-day or overnight services. Located 55 miles west of Lawton and 140 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, Altus provides small-town living with city amenities within reach. The location and transportation infrastructure make Altus a regional retail hub for southwest Oklahoma and north central Texas.
Altus Southwest Economic Development Corporation

Location: Altus Municipal Complex - Council Chambers


509 S Main

Altus, OK 73521


Altus is the “City with a Future to Share.” 

Altus is the “City with a Future to Share.” Home to Altus Air Force Base, the residents of Altus are known for their patriotic spirit and community heritage that is founded upon civic pride and hard work. The people of Altus are its greatest asset. Friendly and outgoing, Altus’ residents are the key to making it a great place to live and work. Keys to our community’s success are our reasonable cost of living, sound primary and secondary education system, safe and secure living environment with parks and amenities, legendary hometown hospitality, and forward-thinking community leadership.

The Museum of Western Prairie

The Museum of Western Prairie invites you to step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the American West. Located in Altus, Oklahoma, this captivating museum showcases the pioneering spirit of the region, highlighting the stories and artifacts that shaped the Western Prairie. From exhibits on Native American heritage to displays depicting the lives of early settlers, the museum offers a fascinating journey through time. With its engaging exhibits and educational programs, the Museum of Western Prairie provides a unique opportunity to explore the heritage and traditions of the American West in a captivating and enriching setting

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Altus\Quartz Mt. Regional Airport

Altus\Quartz Mt. Regional Airport is a publicly owned airport located 2 miles north of Altus Oklahoma

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Linda Wiginton Aquatic Center Product, Service or Benefit Title

The Linda Wiginton Aquatic Center (Altus City Pool) has been a great place for people to come exercise or have fun with friends and family since 1981. Our facility is equipped with an outdoor and indoor pool.

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Altus Public Library

421 N Hudson St, Altus, OK, United States, Oklahoma

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Altus Senior Activity Center

The Altus Senior Activity Center is dedicated to encouraging personal growth, fostering active participation in the community, and helping active adults achieve and maintain an independent, healthy lifestyle.

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Altus Air Force Base

Altus Air Force Base (AFB) stands as a beacon of history and economic vitality in the heart of Altus, Oklahoma. Established in 1943 during World War II, the base has played an instrumental role in the defense of our nation ever since. Its primary mission is training and preparing future mobility Airmen, making it the hub for excellence in airlift and aerial refueling operations. Beyond its military significance, Altus AFB forms a strong economic pillar for the community, fostering partnerships that have endured for decades. The base contributes significantly to the local economy by providing employment opportunities, supporting local businesses, and engaging in community initiatives. This enduring partnership between Altus AFB and the Altus community fortifies our national defense and underscores the shared commitment to growth and prosperity. It's a testament to the synergy between military and civilian sectors that continues to thrive in Altus, strengthening our bonds and our future.

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Explore the allure of Altus, Oklahoma, where exciting transformations are taking place. 

Embark on an exhilarating journey to Altus, Oklahoma, where transformative developments are shaping our city's future. The iconic Altus Reservoir is currently undergoing an awe-inspiring reconstruction, promising a rejuvenated landscape and boundless recreational opportunities for all. But that's just the beginning of our exciting tale.

Behold, the Linda Wiginton Aquatic Center is undergoing a significant transformation, with major construction projects underway to create an extraordinary outdoor pool area. This ambitious remodel will feature various amenities catering to visitors of all ages. Imagine basking in the delight of not one but two thrilling Splash Pads adorned with an enticing assortment of water features. And the pièce de résistance? A magnificent 400-foot-long Lazy River poised to deliver endless joy.

Altus is embracing a new era of growth and excitement, and we cordially invite you to be part of this incredible journey. Plan your visit today to witness the remarkable changes redefining our vibrant community. Your adventure awaits!

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